Our company is located in the center of Kochi Prefecture and has been researching for over half a century, and we have a history of being a manufacturer of cast iron castings in response to customer needs through casting technology and integrated production up to machining.

We have a passion for manufacturing and interact with all of us, and we are focusing on the development of the latest equipment and engineers to meet the diversifying needs of the times. The high quality casting products produced from there are provided to a wide range of fields including major textile companies, marine parts, injection molding machines and so on. And we aim to be a company that is trusted by our customers by establishing a quality assurance system to support that.

We will create casting products that will impress our management philosophy of “Quality First”, continue to contribute to society by the challenge of new things, and help you as a manufacturing company that can pursue your prosperity and happiness. I think that I want.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

CEO Makoto Shimada
CEO Makoto Shimada

Management philosophy

  • We practice quality first and provide products that impress customers
  • We always try new things as a manufacturing company and contribute to society
  • We pursue the prosperity and happiness of our employees, families, communities and customers