June 1959Nobuyoshi Tominaga founded in Yayoi-cho, Kochi Prefecture
March 1962Established Tominaga Foundry Co., Ltd.
June 1965Relocated to Maruike-cho, Kochi, founding ironworks division
August 1971Morihiko Tominaga appointed as Representative Director
May 1987Relocate to Kochi City Nunoshida Kochi Machinery Industrial Park
June 1988Become a Lloyd-class certified factory
April 1991Company name changed to Tominaga Corporation
July 1994Techno Kochi Factory completed in Myoken, Nankoku City
November 1995Become a Norwegian-class certified plant
March 2007The company's workshop modification work is over.
March 2008Techno Kochi second plant completed
July 2010Techno Kochi third factory completed
August 2010Relocation of the Head Office Iron and Steel Department (To Techno 3rd Plant)
December 2012Three-dimensional measuring machine introduced to techno factory
November 2013Makoto Shimada appointed as Representative Director
December 2013Introduce 3D casting simulation (manufacturing subsidy)
May 2014Established Konan Plant
August 2014Foundry large dust collector equipment introduction (manufacturing subsidy)
October 2015Electric furnace renewal to IGBT system 2 power source 2 furnace
December 2015Head office plant LED lighting set up (energy saving subsidy)
introduced Toshiba turning processing machine
March 2017Techno factory new horizontal MC introduced
July 20173D scanner introduction (manufacturing subsidy)