As part of our emphasis on corporate compliance, such as social norms and corporate ethics, we carefully store our customers' casting molds based on the following concept regarding the handling of casting molds.

Casting molds are produced from various materials ranging from temporary molds to long-term molds, and are also a mass of technology and know-how that shape the minds of customers.

We manage not only the information management of such casting molds, but also our mold storage which is not influenced by the weather.

In addition, we have a complete database of tree type storage so that you can retrieve it anytime.

  • After producing casting molds, we will make prototypes and evaluate prototypes.
  • Basically, we keep it free of charge for 2 years from the last delivery date.
  • The storage is stored in the head office plant, the techno plant and the Konan plant according to the frequency of use.
  • For casting molds, the service life and the number of service life etc. are determined by our standards.
  • Regarding the handling of molds, each customer has signed a memorandum on mold storage.