Since its inception, we will inherit the technology accumulated by our predecessors and supply stable castings.
As the casting industry evolves and advances, we will improve our technology as a "caster".

Qualified person

Casting Meister (Germany)
Casting Tehinika (Germany)
Casting Engineer (Certified by Japan Casting Association)
Cast iron casting first class technician
Cast iron casting second class technician

(As of Sep 2018)

Certified from Kochi to The Masters in Tosa

Riichi Umebara

Senior Managing Director
Riichi Umebara

It is the only domestic qualification in Germany, and has acquired both qualifications "Casting Meister" and "Casting Tehinika". He is one of the founders of cast iron products that are essential for ships and industrial machinery.

Simplify the production process and provide users with low cost and stable quality products.
In addition, I would like to convey the attractiveness of casting to young generations in an easy-to-understand manner, and to cultivate human resources certified as masters.

Riichi Umebara

Casting ability

Dissolution ability
MAX 500t/month
Production capacity
Corresponding material
Gray Cast Iron (FC 200-350)
Ductile Cast Iron (FCD 450-600)
FC: FCD ratio
Minimum Maximum
Casting weight 1Kg〜2500Kg
Maximum frame size

Device content

Equipment machineModel / StandardManufacturerNumber of units
New-Fran self-hardening sand reclamation machine5t/hTaiyo Machinery1
Long arm mixerLAM-10SS 12t/hTaiyo Machinery1
Franc sand processing mixer5t,3tSINTO KOGIO1
High frequency induction furnace1.5t, 750kw, IGBT mode 2 power supplyFuji Electric2
Under punch crusherUP-2,10t/hCASTING MACHINE KIYOTA1
Monorail blastKSB-25 hanger typeSINTO KOGIO1
Trolley-type electric heat treatment furnaceW2000×H1450×L3000Mizukami Electric Works1
Overhead traveling crane2.8t5
Self-propelled TraverserSTA-1600Sun Kogyo1
Self-propelled TraverserSTA-3000Sun Kogyo2
Self-propelled roller conveyorSRAP-1500Sun Kogyo4