Quality Assurance

We guarantee high reliability with high quality under the motto of quality first.
We use the latest measurement technology to achieve the quality you demand.
According to the customer survey for quality, 98% or more answered "Satisfied". (December 2016 survey)

Qualified person

UT (Ultrasonic Inspection) Engineer Level 2
PT (penetration flaw detection) engineer level 2
Metal Material Machine Testing Class 1 Technician

(As of Apr 2018)


Inspection ability

  • Inspection of internal defects by ultrasound

    Use the ultrasonic flaw test method to judge the quality of internal flaws.

  • Inspection of external defects by color check

    The penetration defect test (color check) is used to judge the quality of surface defects on the cast surface and the processed surface.

  • Analysis and inspection of ingredients, water flow and coagulation by each device

    ・Daily control of each material component by emission spectrum analyzer to maintain component quality.
    ・Use casting simulation software to predict the flow and solidification process in advance to reduce and improve the risk of failure.

  • Quick and easy-to-understand dimensional measurement with 3D scanner

    Perform 3D visualized dimensional shape inspection by comparing nominal drawing CAD data and scan mesh data.


In September 2015,
we established a head office inspection room to strengthen the quality control system for castings .
・ Dimension measurement with prototype 3D scanner
・ Regular inspection of mass-produced products
・ Supported inspection of requested products

Headquarters inspection room

Device content

Equipment machineManufacturerNumber of units
Emission Spectrometer PDA-7000 19 ElementsSHIMADZU CORPORATION1
Universal Testing Machine UMH-30SHIMADZU CORPORATION1
Brinell hardness tester 3000kSHIMADZU CORPORATION1
Casting simulation JS-CASTQUALICA Inc.1
QC recorder QCR-1000NISSAB1
Portable Brinell Hardness Tester1
Ultrasonic flaw detector USM35XKrautkramer1
Three-dimensional measuring machine CRYSTA-APEX S9166 X900, Y1600, Z600Mitutoyo Corporation1